Frequently Asked Questions

I would like to try LABA.

I would like to have LABA explained live, online, so I can pose questions and have a discussion with your team about possibilities.

Can I create refrigerators as I like?

  • Yes, if you have user right to create and destroy storage facilities. See FAQ for more user rights related questions.

How many user accounts can we have per licence?

  • Theoretically unlimited. However, for comfortable use, we learned that users on licences with 20 or more users consider their licence crowded.

Can LABA be installed on my server?

  • Only Life time licences are available for installation on your server. In contrast, time limited licences can’t be installed on customer’s server.

Do we have any discounts?

Yes, you have:

  • 3-4 licences 5%
  • 5-10 licences 10%
  • 10+ licences – we discuss the price

Which are HD/SW requirements?

Can I continue my expired time limited licence?

  • You can. After an expiration you can buy any type of licence and continue work with your data.

Can I upgrade my licence?

  • Certainly you can. Details will be agreed with us.

What will happen with my data after time limited licence expired?

  • After your licence expired, your data will be accessible for two years in read-only mode. Moreover, you will be able to search and print your data. However, changes won’t be possible. If you decide to continue your expired licence, you need to purchase licence.  And you can continue to use your data like nothing has happened. See FAQ for more user rights related questions.

Can I export my data?

  • You can, if you have user right to do that. It will be exported in .xls file. See FAQ for more user rights related questions.

Can I import my data?

  • Depends on your data. We can always use your data for import in certain degree. This is very individual.

Can two or more accounts be logged on LABA at the same time?

  • Yes, they can but two instances of the same account at the same time are not allowed.

LABA is nice, but we are missing some features specific to our needs. What can be done about that?

  • There is nothing more common than adapting LABA to customer’s specific needs. For example, If you have LABA installed on your own server or on our dedicated hosting, there is no limit what we can do for you.

We have too many accounts on licence and it’s crowded, what now?

  • Our licences are affordable with the reason: you can divide your departments/teams/laboratories into different licences that may be put together in cluster. When you decide to let many users on one licence we’ll have hard time to divide them in two or more licences so the good planning is the best option.

We need to restrict some rights for certain users, can we do that?

  • You can. Every single item in LABA menu can be allowed or disallowed on user level, including write/delete/edit permissions along with special permissions such as seeing patient names, right to create/destroy storage facilities, access to Lab Diaries etc. See FAQ for more user rights related questions.

Can LABA be virtualized?

  • Yes, as any standard ASP.Net application.

Is remote support possible?

  • It is.

Does LABA have audit trails?

  • It has. We record all user’s activities in LABA so we can reconstruct anyone’s behaviour if needed.

Do you offer any support?

  • We offer different levels of support which means different fees. All customers receive Premium support free of charge during the first 30 days after accounts are created because you will need it. After this 30 days period, you can decide what kind of support you need.

If we buy licence, do we have any recurring expenses?

  • Depends on your needs. If you don’t need our support or you use shared LABA hosting, you won’t have any additional expenses whatsoever except licence’s price. If you host LABA on our dedicated hosting or you subscribe to our support, you’ll have monthly or yearly expenses.

Hosting that we have doesn’t suit our needs anymore. Can we change the hosting?

  • Yes, you can change the type of hosting at any time.

Do dolphins sleep?

  • Yes, they are mammals, they all sleep.